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Congrats to Maggie N Steve

A big congrats to Maggie N Steve today at Biesemeyer Point in Lake Pleasant. Also, a big thank you to Darrell for helping. He is getting a head start on becoming a Divemaster.

Maggie completed her Open Water Scuba Diver program, and became certified today August 30, 2015. From now on, Maggie will be known as Daugh’s Chica. If you want to know how she got that name, ask her at the Toadfish Divers Club meeting September 12, 2015.

Steve worked on his Scuba Review to become reacquainted with Scuba Diving. He performed each skill with ease.  Maggie completed all the required skills, especially doing a great job navigating at the surface and underwater. I do not think she will ever get lost.

The water temperature was about 85 degrees today. There were lots of other divers and boaters in the lake today, thus making the visibility about 3 feet.

Maggie & Enrique Biesemeyer Point 2015-08-30 01Between the dives,  we spent our surface interval eating ham and cheese wraps, tortilla chips and red grapes…yummy! Thanks Maggie and Steve.  After the last dive, Steve snapped this picture of Maggie and me walking up to our spot on the shore.

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