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Congrats to Chris F for obtaining Open Water Scuba Diver

Desert TortoiseOpen Water Graduate

Today, Chris F. completed her Open Water Scuba Diver course. She started her trek underwater in February 2016. She completed the Knowledge Reviews, Confined Water Dive lessons, Open Water Dive lessons and Final Exam, all just before her big trip to Maui, Hawaii.

Chris is much more confident today with her scuba skills than she was when she first started. But, that is true with most of us. Keep practicing your scuba skills and continue your scuba education.

On each of her Open Water Dives at Lake Pleasant, she saw Large Mouth Bass. On her last Open Water Dive, we came face to face with a mama bass protecting her nest.

If you are interested in getting an open water scuba diver certification, or any other scuba certification, please Contact Me.

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