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Bonaire 2016-07

Bonaire 2016-07Dive Trip to Bonaire 2016-07

We had a great time diving and socializing in Bonaire. The food was good, the resort, staff and boat crew were fantastic, and the weather was awesome. At each meal, we were able to dine alfresco. A big THANK YOU goes out to the Plaza Beach Resort, and Toucan Divers for making our Bonaire 2016 Trip one to remember.

If you missed this trip, don’t worry, we’ll have another trip going some where in the future!

07-09 Arrival

We arrived in Bonaire. It was a long flight from Phoenix to Houston and then Bonaire. We started at 6:00 a.m. MST, and arrived on Bonaire at 6:30 p.m. EST. That would be 3:30 p.m. MST. Luckily the resort was waiting for us, and dinner was prepared for all.

A listing of the dive sites we dove is listed below. The water temperature was 82 – 84 degrees, and visibility was 100+ feet on almost every dive. After the two tank boat dives we did in the mornings, we did all our shore diving off the resort at 18 Palms. Some of the boat dives were done by the main island, Bonaire, while others were done on at Klein Bonaire, a small uninhabited island just 875 yards west of Bonaire. All of us had our Enriched Air certifications, we dove 32% Nitrox everyday.

07-10 Diving Sites

Klein Bonaire, Jerry’s Reef
18 Palms

07-11 Diving Sites

Jeff Davis Memorial
Something Special
18 Palms

07-12 Diving Sites

Salt Pier
Hilma Hooker
Night Dive 18 Palms

07-13 Diving Sites

1000 Steps
Bari Reef
Night Dive 18 Palms

07-14 Diving Sites

Klein Bonaire, Monks Haven
Klein Bonaire, Joannes Sunchi
18 Palms

07-15 Diving Sites

Klein Bonaire, Keepsake
Bachelor’s Beach
18 Palms

07-16 Excursion

On this day, we had lunch in town, and decided to take a tour around island. Thank you Kelly W. for acquiring the truck and doing the driving. As it turned out, we decided to only go around the southern point of Bonaire. We stopped at the Beach Club on the east side, and it was pretty windy. We also made stops at the lighthouse and a couple of the slave hut sites.

07-17 Departure

Homeward bound. We got up early to catch the 7:30 a.m. flight leaving Bonaire, to finally land in Phoenix at 3:00 p.m.

Photos and Videos

Check out the pictures and videos we took throughout the week.

If you are interested in joining us on out trips, please Contact Me.

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